Online slots are one of the most advanced games as they have become online gambling possible. However, online casino is not like ordinary land-based slot club or casino. In land-based casinos, casino games are controlled by one device that controls all other slot machines in the room.

Meanwhile, each operator has its machine in online casinos and controls its games. Online gambling is possible anywhere and at any time, whereas in land-based gaming centers, you may need to visit certain places depending on the convenience of the location.

The online gaming servers helped players enjoy high-quality online slots without any lag. Unlike their counterparts who are still experiencing a slow performance due to old hardware and outdated software design. But the most advantageous benefit is the online bonuses which can only be seen on online casinos such as judi casino online. Here are brief descriptions of the different types of bonuses of online casinos.

Deposit Bonuses

The first type of bonus is given when you make a deposit. Most online casinos usually give a bonus amounting to less than 100% of your initial deposit. This bonus is more of a formality since you will have to meet several conditions before being able to withdraw it. Generally, you need to wager the bonus amount and your initial deposit.

First Deposit Bonus

If your first deposit is not enough, then many online casinos would offer you their first deposit bonuses where they offer an increasing amount on your succeeding deposits. Again, similar terms and conditions apply.

New Member Bonus

There is another type of bonus that they would offer to new sign-ups. This is commonly offered as a welcome bonus. This can be a surprise, and also, if you meet certain conditions, you will be entitled to withdraw the amount of your initial deposit and your first deposit.

Reload Bonuses

If you are already receiving the monthly prize or have a sufficient amount in your account, then reload bonuses are offered by many online casinos similar to welcome bonuses, except that this does not accumulate in your account. But instead, it’s just to reload your account with additional funds.

Loyalty Bonus

As the name suggests, you will be offered loyalty bonuses for sticking around their online casino for a long time. You may receive rewards for your 3rd, 6th and 8th deposits, among many others.

Low-Roller Bonus

Those online casinos only offer welcome bonuses to people who have very small accounts, such as $10 only. They are called low-roller offers or promotions because they are not attractive to big spenders at all, but they give a lot of benefits to new people who want to try out the game first before investing in it.


The bonuses are necessary as they are your main source of income in online casino games. It is also the first thing you should do when you start playing, and it is not only in the casino but everywhere else, too, if you wish to make a living online or even offline.

Most online casinos provide these bonuses hoping that their customers will stick around. Otherwise, they may experience decreased profits and loss of clients.”