Playing cards is one of the earliest games to have spread globally and is typically associated with games of chance, such as poker. With over 100 different variations of card games around the world and a range in number from 2-6 players, card games are a great way to stay entertained and participate in a leisurely activity after work or during weekends. Many people enjoy playing card games because they’re easy to learn and easy for children to play.

There are even variations of card games in which children can play with their parents, making it ideal for bonding between family members. Card games can be divided into two groups based on the number of players participating: two player and group card games. Although group games generally involve more players, there are many variations of two player card games that can also be played among friends or relatives. And now with the help of some websites such as เว็บเสือมังกร which provies a great gameplay.

  1. Two-Player Card Games

There are many two player card games that can be played between friends, family members, and even with roommates for a fun weekend activity. Two of the most popular two player card games include:

Rummy (also known as Play Mall) – In this game, there are two categories of cards: Aces and Kings. Each turn, players must draw from their stock pile before playing a card.

  1. Go Fish (also known as Forty-Five or Wild Hunt)

Go Fish is a very simple two player card game. This game can be played with as few as two players, and involves the drawing of cards from a pile and making a bid to see if the next card in your hand matches the one called for by whoever holds the highest card in their hand. If it matches, you win possession of that card, and will go on to play your next card; otherwise, you’re out of the round.

  1. Solitaire (also known as Patience)

Solitaire is one of the most well-known two player card games, and is essentially the main character in each variation of solitaire. Two types of solitaire are commonly played today: Klondike and FreeCell. Both games are typically played using a single deck that has been shuffled by a dealer or dealt out among players, depending on the type being played.

  1. Blackjack

Blackjack is a fun and easy-to-learn two player card game. Basically, the dealer deals two hands from a standard 52-card deck, and players then bet on whether or not their next card will beat the dealer’s first card. The winner of the bet wins one of the cards held by all players at the table, either a ten or a face card.

  1. Pitch

Pitch is a popular two player card game. The deck consists of all cards from 2 to 8, arranged into four suits. Each player is dealt six cards and must discard any four cards they do not want. The object of the game is to capture all of the opponent’s cards by using a combination of the ace, king, queen and jack cards in each suit.